Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 8

I forgot to ask my mom to sign the permission slip this morning (as always), but I did remember to bring those chips. Bob talked a bit about the grill during the morning meeting, and then sent a reminder about the permission slips.

In the morning, I did some final editing of the abstract, and studied a bit Feynman Lectures. Chapter 21 dragged on for quite a few days; its math was at least cumbersome, if not difficult. I sometimes wonder how CalTech underclassmen got through that class back in the 1960's.

At 11:40, all interns went downstairs for the grill. It was hot dogs this week. We then played volleyball (I can tell we are better players now), and had ice cream (Neopolitan? That sounds very global history). I had two soft drinks during the lunch, which made it four before 4:04 (obviously I do learn at least something in AP Lang besides sleeping skills).

The afternoon was quite relaxing. Although I couldn't find high frequency spectra anywhere online, the research process was somewhat fun: I had to search with synonyms occasionally, to judge if the material was helpful from abstracts, and to use the search feature to find key words within an article.

As for the upcoming weekend, I plan to catch up with the Feynman Lectures, study some more math, and start my summer readings (we all know that the last one won't become reality).

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