Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 13

It's Friday again, which means I now have under four weeks to pick the bike's lock, I mean, to prepare for my final presentation.

Holding a twenty ton watermelon, I struggled upstairs, thinking about the work I was doing. I gently put in down on the table, which luckily didn't break into half. Good job, table. After the morning meeting, during which Bob talked about our library tour, I played around with the graphs in the morning: I got rid of the legends and added titles. The Victoria Green kid was still unfriendly, even after my averaging the four runs.

The Friday cookout was good as usual; I even ate two cheeseburgers (shoutout to Nathan for cooking for us). Niels, Nathan, and I played volleyball for a few minutes (yea no, sorry Emily, I thought you were just drinking Minute Maid on the volleyball field), then we headed back in. Niels proposed that all interns should stay until six next Friday, and we could all watch The Dark Knight.

In the afternoon, we talked about our future. Niels will be a billionaire; Madi will travel around the world; I will be the next Einstein; Nathan will be a programming home dad. That reminded me of a quote from my best friend:"I'll win the Fields Medal; you'll win the Nobel Prize. We'd each fund half of the class reunion twenty years later." I'm quite curious what we will actually become.

I also decided to invite Yiqun, an intern last summer, to come on Aug. 2nd. He is one of the few people I look up to in my school, but still, I think my lab is cooler than his.

I came across a very interesting article tonight; it's on the orientation of objects that flout in liquids. Next time I should solve it myself first, and see how far I can get. Anyways, here's the link, enjoy:

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