Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 14

I didn't do much over the weekend. Reading, gaming, eating, sleeping, nerding (yes, I just invented a word there for myself).

Cici is in Boston this week, so I will be doing most of the work. After the morning meeting, I talked to Joe, and he told me to print out spectra of different frequencies. At first I struggled with connecting my computer to the printer, but Joe eventually figured it out - I connected to the printer in the reading room, which wasn't working. I was eventually able to print stuff out once I connected to the one in the mail room.

During lunch, we played Trivial Pursuit, the questions of which were everything except for trivial. Knowing absolutely nothing about the 90's (well, not exactly, I know that the top quark was discovered in 1995, and that I was born in 1999), let along American 90's, I gave random guesses. My rule of thumb was to guess Michael for people, Avengers for movies, and Captain America 3: Civil War for TV shows. Luckily I guessed one right - I forgot what the actual question was, but it was something about propaganda? Well, the answer's gotta be Cuba, right? I mean, everything related to missiles, propaganda, Spaniards, and Platt Amendment (that's also 90's history, by the way; wrong century, though) just sounds Cuban.

Joe and I talked about the article that arrived via the Inter-library Loan. For some reason, it didn't explicitly state the operating frequency of the spectrometer, but calculating that was quite simple (I have to confess, however, that I almost forgot to convert from Tesla to Gauss).

In the evening I used geometry to calculate how far back a car should go during parallel parking; it was quite fun. I bet it will help my road test on Thursday, given that I invent a device that measures distance in two days.

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