Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 3

O, Dah Headache Hath Gone.

After chanting (which I didn't) this cheesy Shakespearean (which I made up) line, I exuberantly went to the RIT for my third day. I arrived a bit early, so I started to write blogs (which I forgot to save =_=). Mr. Callens told us that the grill would be ready by 11:30 during the staff meeting; I was quite looking forward to that.

Joe gave Cici and me another lecture on EPR in the morning. Basically, the ratio of the number of excited electrons to the number of grounded electrons is equal to e^(-af/T), where a is a constant (Planck's constant divided by Boltzmann's constant, to be precise), f is the frequency of our photons, and T is the temperature. Joe told us that the reasons for using low frequency EPR were that few people had done it, and that we would get different spectrum for even the same substances.

We then went down to the chem lab and put different pigments into test tubes. Powdering solid coal was a struggle: we had to hit the coal with a metal rod after putting it in multiple plastic bags. Then we filtered and collected the coal powder. Most of the work was done by 11:30, when we went to have lunch outside.

The cookout was basically a cheeseburger lunch: we brought in cheeseburgers, cooked cheeseburgers, and guess what - ate cheeseburgers. The best part, however, was the volleyball game. Apparently, none of the interns was professional, so the game did not go smoothly; it was, however, very exciting (hey, I even did a bicycle kick, something I constantly failed to during soccer practices).

In the afternoon, Cici and I made some more powders and searched our pigments' history, chemical formulas, and facts online. It took the majority of the afternoon, but we finished at around 15:30. Then we went to the reading room, where we updated our blogs. I tried to continue my work on proving validity of Least Action Principle for the Relativistic Motion of a Particle in an Electromagnetic Field, but there was more frustration than fruition - I couldn't see where my error was. Somehow the equation required the action to be equal to the relativistic momentum, which shouldn't be true at all.

Guess I have something to do on weekend, then.

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