Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 10

Since all my close friends will be busy on Aug. 2nd (U of R laser lab, Nazareth summer research, math research with U of R undergrads (I still don't quite understand the number theory proof that math wizard sent me), and college visits), maybe I won't invite anyone that day, for I don't want to spend a whole day with less close friends.

As if I was too stressed that nobody would come (spoiler: that's not true - but let's just blame it on them), I had a headache this morning. Taking the Calc AP exam with a headache was still a painful memory, so I decided to rest and sleep for a while. The headache was gone rather quickly, so I arrived at the CIS at around 10:30.

In the morning, I kept looking for high frequency spectra online. Luckily I found two more, but it seemed that one of the sources was shady, so I may have to use Google Scholar. The University of Rochester database gave nothing new, either; probably I haven't looked into the list of results deeply enough yet.

After lunch, I kept searching for stuff online, during which an Unidentified Flying Object (or was that just a paper airplane? (thanks Niels)) hit my head. Impulse-momentum theorem, I muttered to myself, while trying to fly the plane back. Apparently not a licensed pilot (heck, not even a licensed driver), I threw the plane terribly terribly (there has to be a device for this one, but I'm sure I wouldn't have known it even if I weren't asleep half the time in my English class).

For the rest of the day, I did some summer reading (Wow, this is actually happening), read a bit about the Riemann Hypothesis, and watched a Batman movie. Obviously more vigilant about my health after the headache, I only drank three cans of sodas today. Huge improvement, I know.

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