Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 6

During the morning staff meeting, we talked a bit about the fire alarm yesterday (but not about the labor union the resistors formed), and decided what we were supposed to bring for the Friday cookout. As usual, I was a bit absorbed in my own thoughts (classic INTJ personality at play). And, with a clear lack of understanding of ice cream's underlying working mechanism, had not had time to figure the situation out before multiple questions came. Anyways, it eventually seemed to me that I was supposed to bring chips (let's hope I got this right).

The rest of the morning was more or less the same as that of yesterday. After Joe edited our first draft for the abstract (sorry if I rose global anxiety level there), Cici and I went downstairs to the lab and took spectra of more samples. At around 11:30, we had lunch with fellow interns in the reading room. The pizza sheets arrived later, but I was already more than half full. Still, I drank two cans of Coke, because "I can do this all day". (Quote credit: Captain America)

Following the lunch was a talk about illusions, eye tracking devices, and high-quality images by holography (my chair was nice). Basically, the program for producing the images calculates the gradient vector of brightness (as a function of position) for each small region. Then, by producing holographies of images using three by three holographic matrices (at first glance, I, for unexplained some reason, even thought the matrix was a Hamiltonian operator...), researchers can put multiple images together.

The afternoon was quite routine: more spectra combined with more online search. We failed to find high frequency EPR spectra for a few substances, however.

Guess it's time to open up one of my archived Quora answers and see how to actually search online.

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