Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 12

My alarm miraculously worked this morning. It was 5:05 A.M. I sat up, logged on to my College Board account, and checked my June SAT score. Not bad, I thought, still unable to believe I missed two Word-in-Context questions.

This morning, fellow interns talked about crazy things that had happened at their schools. Now I'm really thinking about my senior prank. Besides being a troll (obviously), I'm also a prankster (obviously less obvious) who's simply too lazy to enforce my pranks. Maybe Pittsford Sutherland's principal will find Brighton's mascot in his room next year (that has nothing to do with me, as you can all testify).

I kept searching for Paris Green after the staff meeting; Joe gave me a helpful site for it. I tried at least five different names, but none of them worked. I also requested PDF files, which had EPR spectra on them, via Interlibrary Loan. Hopefully they would arrive by next week.

All interns went to lunch at the Student Union. I brought my own lunch, thinking we wouldn't go out for lunch again. Maybe we should simply establish the norm, so that I can remember (I hope). Speaking of bad memories, I almost forgot that I was supposed to bring watermelon tomorrow. Thanks, blog.

The week has gone by so fast. It's going to be Friday again. I know why. It must be because of special relativity - my velocity is mostly zero recently.

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