Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 16

I was even more reluctant to get up this morning. Seems like gaming until one every day isn't a good idea (especially when I undergo game rage - the cards I drew were just bad. Really bad). In the morning meeting, we talked about the field trip tomorrow and the plan for next Tuesday.

After the staff meeting, I printed out the high frequency spectra of coal, which I received last night. The last one of the spectra, that of Egyptian Blue, arrived later today; I now had spectra for all five substances, but I was still looking for Victoria Green online. I think the closest I got to was a spectrum of Victoria Green mixed with another substance.

The lunch was good as usual - I ate three slices of pizza, and drank two cans of sodas (I have to say Diet Sprint and Diet Coke tastes way better than their Pepsi counterparts). The talk was also very interesting; it was on where people tended to look at in different situations. I think by applying some of the principles in the field, we can advertise products, or otherwise draw people's attention to objects, more efficiently.

In the afternoon, I finished the rough draft of the outline, and sent it to Cici for further editing. Hopefully she can find some time in her busy schedule to get it back to me by tomorrow.

I'll come to the tour tomorrow, but not the lunch. As for why, it's because I'm losing weight - I'm fatter and fatter these days. That former part of the reason is as fake as Ronaldo's Ballon d'Or; the later part is, of course, as real as Messi's.

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