Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 17

I remembered the time of the road test incorrectly yesterday, but good thing I double checked last night. The test turned out to be at 3:00, instead of at 2:00 (surprised that I remembered the time wrong? Well, there is bigger surprise awaiting). Therefore, I could have lunch with other interns after the tour.

At 9:30, we left for the George Eastman Museum. The tour was very interesting; we took a look at different photographs and listened to their historical background. I was quite surprised how powerful a message a picture could send. After that, we went downstairs to the conservatory lab, saw how photographs were preserved, and knew different equipment used in the labs.

We then went to have lunch. It was very good (#ripbmi). The age-old adage that nothing beats roast beef sandwich was proven right yet again (come on, you know I made the adage up).

Spoiler Alert: this post is going to get both funny and sad from this point on.

Well, I went to the road test site and waited for half an hour. The examiner came, but I did not bring my pre-licensing course certificate. Actually, I lost it. Therefore, I couldn't take the test, and had to reschedule. You think that's the end? Not yet. After I got home, I decided that my original certificate would have expired by my next appointment, so I had to retake the driving course. It didn't end there. I then realized that my original certificate was not that for a pre-licensing course, but was for a defensive driving course; that is, even if I had the certificate, it would have been useless. Guess I did learn some English over the past year. Then, I tried to find a driving center near me, and I did find one, which closed at 7 P.M. Trying to test as soon as possible, I went there, only to find it not open - the hours shown online was wrong - it closed at 5:00.

At least, I said to myself, I got to have lunch with everyone today. Good job remembering to double check testing time, I quietly praised myself, calculating how many seconds I wasted today (~12600 seconds, if my mental math is right).

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