Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 5

It was, as usual, a rushy morning. Quite reluctant to kiss my beloved bed goodbye, I struggled to turn off my alarm and went to take a shower. I arrived at the Center of Imaging Science at 8:42, and calmly walked towards Room 2150. Don't even have to run this time, I mused, for once in my life, I quickly added.

After delivering a brief lecture on the meanings and effects of time constant, wait for magnet, and resolution,  Joe went to the MRI lab and looked at a few samples with us. Now that our setting was different, each scan took longer (16.67 minutes instead of 1.67 minutes, to be precise). While waiting, I set my glasses aside and took a look at different coins under an optical microscope. Just then, the fire alarm went off, which, thankfully, turned out to be just a false alarm (maybe the resistors in the sensor circuit went on strike upon being denied access to enough photons). We three then walked outside and around the building, and waited for it to be cleared out. Other interns asked if it was Cici or I who pulled the alarm, and Cici accused me of so doing, but but but I was innocent (hands up, tears welling).

Anyways, after drying my tears, I decided to forgive her and had a nice lunch with fellow interns. It turned out that sleeping on a Nerfs (which, maybe because I'm a nerd, always looked like Nerds to me) shield granted me power to see better from the reflection of my glasses (yes, I did get those back). Therefore, I was able to catch it when people, whose name I will keep confidential (am I not considerate, Emily?) approached me from behind.

In the afternoon, we did more scanning of samples, and learnt how to put two graphs (one with boost, the other without) together. Seemed that our samples were even less cooperative than those from yesterday.

Since my debate team would be receiving a Proclamation from County Legislature at six, I was supposed to arrive by 5:45 as captain. Apparently arriving without rushing that much (like this morning) was really " for once in my life".

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