Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The day has come. Woken up by my alarm (yes, it actually worked) at 7:00, I took a shower, ate breakfast, and left home early. Surprisingly, almost all interns had arrived before me.

At 9:00, Dr. Messinger started the presentations. I was uncharacteristically shaking before my turn to present, only a minute later did I realize that it was not because of stress, but because of excitement. It was finally our turn. I stood up and walked to the podium.

"Hello everyone..."

At the end of the presentations, I showed my best friend Davey our lab, and took a spectrum of Copper Sulfate (I forgot, again, to turn the gain to 10dB). I haven't seen him for two months. Good thing he has decided applying to Yale early - in my opinion, he's a guarantee to almost any school - in other words, if he applies to Princeton, I'm more than in trouble, lol. But still, I think MIT is the best fit for math wizards like him - frankly, I think he is arguably the only person in my grade, of all Monroe County, who is better at math than me. And better than me by a lot.

I then returned the lock to Bob, and said goodbye to him. Thanks for all his help, especially with setting up the grill. There won't be another cookout, though; just as the interns probably won't see each other again. Well, I guess that's the end of the program, I said to myself. Only now did I realized how much I missed the building - the reading room, the food room, the freshman lab, the EPR machine.

I am truly appreciative of each and every people I've met during the six weeks, whether it's the undergraduates, the professors, or the tech guys. Thanks to all my fellow interns. You guys are truly amazing people; thanks for laughing at my not-funny comments. I can see a bright future in all of you.

Thanks, Prof. Hornak; thanks, Bob; and thanks, Cici.

Thanks to all who have been patient enough to read through the ramble, and all who have been kind enough to follow my posts.

Thank you all.


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