Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 22, 23, 24, 25, & 26

I was quite a while just a tiny bit behind on my blogs, so I decided to sum a few days up in one post.
On Thursday, I worked on our presentation. The morning meeting with Prof. Hornak took more than an hour, but we learned a lot. We would just be adding more details to the skeleton of the presentation.

Friday was the Undergraduate Research Symposium; I got to see so many fun presentations! I was quite amazed by how meticulous the presentations were; I only found one error. The presenter meant the square of delta r, yet typed it as the delta of r squared, but that wasn't serious. The posters of most exchange students, on the other hand, were very unprofessional. Their sampling methods had severe flaws; they did not double check their statistics; they were too nervous when presenting. For example, a group tried to analyze the effect of having a workout partner on workout motivations, but 70% of the data was drawn from students. In another case, they calculated the ratio of 396000 to 59600 (as I recall), and said the ratio was five. A quick calculation gave me that the ratio was around 6.7. I brought that up, and they replied :"well, you know, it's just to show one is more than another." Of course one was more than another; one had 6 digits, the other had 5 – I could count just fine, thank you.

Monday and Tuesday were back to the normal. More working on the presentation and script. We also watched the Dark Knight for half an hour on Tuesday, but didn't get to finish it.

As for today (Wednesday), the lunch talk was long, but interesting. We got to see pictures of different cities around the world, and were exposed to techniques of document restoration. Cici and I were nearly done with the presentation and script, with only two long, informative slides left.

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