Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day 21

After my usual running, I already felt that there was less fat, but more pain (due to lactic acid produced by anaerobic cellular respiration, to be precise). Right after the morning meeting, we went to the library for a tour, during which Dr. Boateng showed us how to search in databases. It would be quite useful for my future research.

The lunch talk was, to me, the best of all the talks. It was about modeling a lake in central Africa. The lake was quite unusual: its temperature increases as the depth increases - that was because the density also increases as one goes down. After that, he showed us satellite images; the technique used was quite interesting.

In the afternoon, I went to the eye tracking experiment. I looked at different pairs of pictures, and chose which one had the higher quality; I nearly fell asleep halfway, but luckily did not - the experiment was so boring, though.

After I came back, we watched (the first half of) The Dark Knight together - I'm already in love with The Joker. After watching Batman vs. Superman, I thought the actor of Lex Luthor would play the Joker well, but after watching the actual Joker, I realized how wrong I was.

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