Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 20

It was finally the Invite-A-Friend-Day. Yiqun picked Matthew and me up in the morning, but he left home late, so we ended up running into the room at 8:50. I was very surprised by how large the group was. Nineteen people together reviewed all interns' outlines, which were all quite good. After that, we watched a video about the freshman course.

After that, Cici and I showed our guests the MRI lab, and took a spectrum of Cupper Sulfate Pentahydrate. Then, Yiqun helped me with my college applications (such a Penn tryhard). At 10:20, I walked him to his eye tracking experiment, but neither of us, who, on average, rank 6th in the county math-wise, could find the place. We ended up asking people for directions, but "the ends justify the means". Yiqun left to have lunch with other laser lab boiz, so he didn't stay after the test.

All of us headed for lunch at the Global Village, after which we played volleyball, or, instead, neither-side-can-return-ball, since this name is more fit. I even played soccer with (a.k.a. megged) Maria's brother, but as a pre-high school kid, he was pretty good.

After we all came back in, we were split into teams. Each person in a team got to see a randomly generated word, draw it on the board, and have his/her teammates guess the word. I tried to draw sushi, but my sushis ended up looking like short, fat cylinders, well, that's probably what you get for drawing too many cans (of soda?)

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